These are the extensions I have installed at


Change Attribute set

Name: Flagbit_ChangeAttributeSet

Price: Non Commercial

Summary: In Magento every product has a fixed attibute set. This module enables you to switch it.

Notes: Without this extension you cannot change the attribute set of a product once you have created it. Very useful to have when you are still developing your attributes and attribute sets...


Simple configurable Product

Name: OrganicInternet_SimpleConfigurableProducts

Price: Non Commercial

Summary: This extension changes the way that the pricing of configurable products works in Magento. With this extension the price for configurable products is taken directly from the associated simple products rather than the configurable product itself.

Notes: Pretty much a must have if you're using grouped products, when different choices result in a different price.


Disable Product Compare

Name: Wfs_DisableCompare

Price: Non Commercial

Summary: Disable Compare Products extension from WebFlakeStudio allows you to disable compare products functionality in Magento store. This extension is simple and lightweight.

Disabled extensions:

  • Mage_Paypal
  • Mage_PaypalUK
  • Mage_Poll
  • Mage_review
  • Mage_Tag


Other possible extentions:

  • ConnectgentoOrderStatus
  • Ahead works, Ajax Cart Pro
  • Customer order comment
  • Estimate shipping on the product page
  • MageParts CMS
  • Custom stock status
  • Product selector
  • SEO Layered Navigation Pro
  • Easy Tabs
  • Pick up at event
  • Seamless delete order
  • ASperience DeleteOrders